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A resume plays a very important role in your future employment opportunities. In fact, it is the primary requirement requested by potential employers. Before an employer will take the time to interview you, they will first want to learn about you through your resume. Thus, the impression your resume makes on an employer will determine whether or not they believe you are worthy of an interview.

Without a resume you will not be able to compete in the workforce, and with a mediocre resume, you will be quickly eliminated from the competition. Therefore, it is necessary that you not only have a resume, but one that is superior and can effectively inform an employer what you can do for them.

The purpose of a resume is to sell your expertise and unique skills to an employer to make them think you are one of the best candidates for the job being offered. This is achieved by making the employer aware of your current and past educational and job qualifications (training and experience), skills, and accomplishments.

Aside from informing the employer of your experience and achievements, a resume also reveals your career objective, as well as the benefits you will personally bring to the job if you’re hired. Essentially, a resume is like a sales pitch or advertisement of you. It tells the employer all the benefits they will receive by hiring you. The more compelling your advertisement of yourself is, the better your chances of scoring an interview.

When all is said and done, the goal of every resume isn’t to land you a job; it’s to land you an interview. Very rarely will an employer hire someone without interviewing them first. The reason is because reading about an individual’s qualifications, and seeing and speaking to them in person, provides the employer with two entirely different points of view. An employer will want to see you before they hire you so they can determine whether or not you possess the personality they are looking for. Thus while it may be the interview that gets you the job, the resume is still the root of job success.

Three other important reasons why you need a resume include:

1. Keeps your career goals organized, realistic, and achievable – When you prepare a resume, you are forced to evaluate your expertise and skills. This helps you to assess the number of employment options available to you. In addition, a resume helps you effectively create a job search plan.

2. Prepares you for an interview – Your resume will likely be used as a guideline by employers who interview you. It is quite common for an employer to ask you to give a detailed explanation of the many statements in your resume.

3. Maintain a sense of security – It’s a good idea to always have an updated resume ready. You never know what life will throw your way. An updated resume is handy when you want to find a better job or are looking for a change, and it allows you to start applying for jobs right away should you ever come across the misfortune of losing your job.