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A cover letter is not a mandatory element of your resume, but it is highly recommended. The reason is because it often plays a vital part in making you stand out from the crowd, which can save your resume from the trash, and land you an interview.

Why is it so important? A cover letter (also known as an application letter) is a document that accompanies your resume and specifically addresses the advertised position you are applying for. The main purpose of a cover letter is to introduce you as the perfect candidate for the job. This introduction is designed to grab the reader’s interest and encourage them to want to know more about you and meet you in person.

How do you interest an employer? A cover letter tells an employer a lot about the person you are. It allows you to express yourself in your own words, link your experience and skills to the particular job in question, and share the abilities you posses that make you unique.

A cover letter is also a fantastic way to show an employer your professional writing communication skills; a skill that is highly prized and expected in the business world. Therefore, it is essential that the spelling and grammar in your cover letter is immaculate, and that your sentences are clear, concise, and solid.

That being said, creating an effective cover lever is easier said than done because you need to carefully select the information you wish to provide, and this information must be strategically written so it is engaging and enticing. Hence, a cover letter is not something you can whip up on the spot. It needs to be carefully thought out and developed.

You will need to create a new cover letter for every job you apply for. The reason is because the information in each letter should be tailored to the precise position you are showing interest in. A cover letter needs to be focused so that the message has a specific, not a general, target. The goal is to place yourself above the competition by highlighting your most noteworthy achievements and experiences that relates directly to the job position.

How long does a cover letter need to be? It should be no longer than a page, but usually a few concise paragraphs more than suffice. Like your resume, a cover letter should be short and to the point. You’re simply making a statement about why you would be perfect for the job, not writing your life story.

What needs to be mentioned in a cover letter?

• Who you are
• What you do
• What job you are applying for
• How you believe you will benefit the employer in this position

Finally, keep in mind that a cover letter is the first part of your resume that an employer will see, and when it comes to a job application, first impressions are everything! Thus, you need to give your cover letter as much care and time as you would your resume.

A cover letter is something you need to seriously consider, because it is an additional marketing tool that can be extremely powerful when done correctly. Simply put, it is a marketing opportunity you can’t afford to pass up