AMCL COLLEGE offers a wide range of certificate programs for certificate levels. AMCL has evolved to educate an expanding population through cutting edge curriculum design based on our students' needs and professional service. 

Dedicated to the success of each and every student, AMCL COLLEGE offers programs that are relevant, accessible and valuable. Select the certificate., that most interests you to learn more about the associated majors.

Professional Development Programs

What makes an online learning system complete ?

At AMCL, we believe the essentials include strong instructional design principles, quality content, interactiveelem entsand technical so phistication. These are just a few of the qualities that make us proudofour online learning solutions. Our Professional Development courses are custom design edtomeets pecific learning needs and help you keep pace with the new information and technology that is vitalto your career.

In arich, interactive learning environment, you will use our browser-based tools to explore the course material.

Take the course in order, from start to finish, or move around selecting only the sections that are most relevant to you. Spend as much time as necessary to absorb the most challenging material, and move more quickly through easier sections.

Performance assess mentsand course evaluations are included to help you measure your progress and de monstrate your mastery of the material 

• Course Overview outlines the prerequisites and user profile for the course.
• Quizzes after each section, with reports providing feedback on your answers.
• Mastery Test for each course with random lygenerated questions that allow you to gauge your progress.
• Online Certificate to document your successful completion of the Mastery Test.
• Glossary with quick links to definitions of course terminology.
• Progress Tracking providing a placeholder ,so you can take a break and pick up where you left off.
• Jump to any topic in the entire course using the drop-down menus.
• Administrative reports on user activity and Mastery Test performance.